About Us

Company philosophy, history and products

EM Acoustics

EM ACOUSTICS is an independent British loudspeaker manufacturer, producing systems that redefine the standards set by passive loudspeakers. Combining precision engineering with robust build quality, EM Acoustics products are designed to deliver top-class performance on demand, backed up by one-to-one customer support for the life of the product.

Company History

Headquartered in Surrey, UK, EM Acoustics is one of the pro audio industry’s most dynamic loudspeaker manufacturers. The company was founded in 2002 by two school friends, Ed Kinsella and Mike Wheeler – based on the conviction that they could take passive crossover technology further than anyone had before.

Producing high quality sound reinforcement systems which obviate the need for expensive (and potentially unreliable) DSP processing, the company’s products are backed with an open and approachable attitude. Unlike many manufacturers, where the designer is anonymous and unreachable, Technical Director Ed Kinsella is often just a phone call away.

Proof of the company’s success in this approach is the way its products are rapidly displacing those from significantly larger manufacturers, finding their way into West End and Broadway theatres, high-profile installations and concert tours across the globe.

Our Products

EM Acoustics products are defined by their exceptional build quality, attention to detail, effortless headroom and ruler-flat frequency and phase response. Products across the three series, plus electronics, provide solutions for the majority of professional audio applications.

In 2014, EM Acoustics brought woodwork manufacture in-house to further improve lead times, quality control and product development. A state of the art factory now resides in EM Acoustics’ headquarters in Surrey, UK, which further represents EM Acoustics’ ongoing commitment to innovation and quality. All aspects of enclosure production are covered within the factory – from initial 5-axis CNC machining, through hand assembly and finish preparation up to final painting. Rigorous quality control checks throughout the process ensure consistency throughout every cabinet manufactured within the facility.

All are hand-assembled in the company’s headquarters in the UK – the company’s stringent quality control procedures meaning that every product meets the exacting standard that Ed Kinsella worked to on the original prototype.

With no DSP processing, the products are simpler to use, less prone to set-up error and ultimately more reliable – yet deliver audio quality that is every bit as good, and frequently better, than anything else on the market.